Enzyme Detergent Cleaner for Intuitive Da Vinci Instruments


In the fast-paced world of modern healthcare, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical equipment is paramount. Nowhere is this more critical than in the realm of complex surgical instruments, where precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Introducing Viruzyme Ve®, a groundbreaking cleaning detergent specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of reprocessing complex and delicate surgical instruments, including flexible endoscopes, robotic surgery instruments and those made of anodised materials.


Gentle Yet Powerful


Viruzyme Ve® stands out as a single solution that has been meticulously crafted for use in hospitals, health centres, dental offices, and laboratories. Its application spans across various cleaning methods, from automated cleaning systems (WDs) to ultrasonic cleaning, automated endoscope reprocessing (AER), and manual cleaning. What sets Viruzyme Ve® apart is its unparalleled ability to effectively remove proteins, fats, and organic contaminants, even tackling dried-on blood and tissue with ease.

At the heart of Viruzyme Ve® lies a mild alkaline 5 enzyme cleaner, featuring protease, lipase, amylase, cellulose, and mannanase enzymes. These enzymes work synergistically to break down stubborn contaminants, particularly targeting proteins, without the need for harsh chemical substances or brushing.

This non-corrosive formula ensures the integrity of delicate coatings on surgical instruments, mitigating the risk of damage and reducing the need for costly repairs. Third-party material compatibility tests have confirmed its suitability for use with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, anodized aluminium, chromium-plated material, synthetic materials, rubber, latex, glass, and ceramics. This versatility ensures peace of mind, allowing healthcare facilities to reprocess diverse surgical instruments with confidence


Suited For Use In Leading Washer Disinfectors


Viruzyme Ve® boasts a low foaming formula, even in high impingement washer disinfectors, facilitating seamless cleaning operations. Its pleasant odour and non-fixative properties contribute to a more pleasant working environment for healthcare professionals, and easy rinsing. With a rapid cleaning time of just 5 minutes at temperatures ranging from 20 to 55°C, Viruzyme Ve® streamlines reprocessing workflows without compromising efficacy.

Viruzyme Ve® has undergone rigorous testing and validation to ensure its suitability for use with intuitive da Vinci robotic surgical instruments, including the IS4000 (XI) 8mm basic instruments and staplers. Independently validated by accredited test laboratories, Viruzyme Ve® meets the stringent requirements of international reprocessing standards and best practice, offering reassurance to healthcare providers and patients alike.


Compliance And Sustainability


Viruzyme Ve® prioritizes safety and compliance. It conforms to RKI requirements for minimizing the risk of transmission of the new variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease (vCJD), aligning with the latest recommendations from the Robert Koch Institute. Furthermore, Viruzyme Ve® is validated for use in automated endoscope reprocessors (AERs) and washer disinfectors (WDs), ensuring excellent biofilm removal according to HTM 01-06/ EN ISO15883-2:2009+A1:2014.

As a proud UK manufacturer Amity also supports green initiatives that prioritise environmentally friendly formulations, plastic waste reduction, manual labour as well as hazardous waste removal – and reduce your carbon footprint. Beyond its performance and safety benefits, Viruzyme Ve® offers tangible cost-saving advantages too. Validated for enhanced cleaning performance, it enables healthcare facilities to optimize cycle times, dosages, and temperatures, translating into savings in energy, plastic waste, and chemical usage. By maximizing efficiency without compromising quality, Viruzyme Ve® represents a sound investment for healthcare institutions striving for excellence.


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, innovation drives progress. With Viruzyme Ve®, healthcare providers gain access to a cutting-edge solution tailored to the unique demands of reprocessing complex surgical instruments. From its unparalleled cleaning performance to its unwavering commitment to safety and compliance, Viruzyme Ve® sets a new standard in surgical instrument care.


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Enhancing Surgical Care with Viruzyme Ve®: A Gentle Yet Powerful Solution for Reprocessing Complex Surgical Instruments – First Point Decon