Viruzyme Vn

Viruzyme VN 10 L

Viruzyme Vn

Viruzyme® Vn is a biological cleaner using five enzymes that is designed for decontamination of medical, surgical, dental and endoscopic instruments.

Viruzyme® Vn is particularly effective for removing high levels of proteins, fats and organic contaminants from surfaces, including dried on blood and tissue.

Viruzyme® Vn is registered as a Class I medical device Viruzyme® Vn is safe to use on any surface.

Viruzyme® Vn has an effective cleaning action at ambient and elevated temperatures for pre-cleaning and the wash phase in manual cleaning, washer/disinfector or Automated Endoscope Reprocessing equipment.

Viruzyme® Vn is compatible for use in manual, ultrasonic, washer/disinfector and AER equipment.



• Biological cleaner suitable for removal of proteinaceous and organic contaminants from sensitive instrument materials
• Uses a blend of protease, amylase, lipase, cellulose & mannanase enzymes
• Pleasant odour
• Excellent material compatibility
• Non-fixative
• Non-corrosive, will not damage delicate coatings
• Rapid cleaning time – 5 minute immersion at 20 to 55oC
• Cost effective


Standard: 4 x 5L container

Available on request:
- 1 L container
- 10 L container
- 20 L container
- 210 L drum
- 1,000 L IBC


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