PreFoam Enzyme

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PreFoam Enzyme

Use during transportation or temporary storage of soiled instruments or endoscopes to prevent soils from drying and becoming difficult to clean.

PreFoam Enzyme is a new enzyme detergent for use as a pre-soak cleaner during the transportation and temporary storage of soiled reusable medical devices. It is specifically formulated to apply to medical devices, instruments and equipment as a stable long-lasting foam that immediately commences to break down blood and bio-burden contaminants upon contact. PreFoam Enzyme has been proven to maintain moisture for up to 48 hours which prevents the contaminates from drying out on the devices thus improving the effectiveness of the subsequent cleaning, speeding up the overall cleaning process and preventing the formation of biofilm.

Its formulation is effective on all types of protein and organic material and is suitable for use with surgical and endoscopic equipment and components, laryngoscopes, biopsy forceps, haemostats, etc.

PreFoam is registered as a Class I medical Device





Primary features attributable to PreFoam are:

  • Is suitable for application to proteinaceous and organic contaminants from sensitive instrument materials m- enzyme formula begins to break down soils upon contact;
  • Dense foam prevents blood, debris and body fluids from drying on instruments and medical devices for up to 48 hours;
  • Foam converts to light gel consistency which encapsulates soils (unlike aqueous solutions) and prevents cross-contamination - also provides visibility of sharps;
  • Environmentally friendly easy-rinse formula;
  • Increased speed and efficiency:
  • Improves device cleaning process;
  • Decreases turn round time;

Instructions of Use

PreFoam Enzyme is supplied as a Ready-to-Use product in a trigger pack spray application unit fitted with a foaming head.

PreFoam Enzyme is ideal for application as a pre-cleaner in CSSD, Operating Rooms, GI/Endoscopys Suites, Out-Patient surgery and dental Centre.

Apply PreFoam Enzyme at point of use (prior to transportation). PreFoam Enzyme prevents the drying of bio-burden contaminants and commences the cleaning process for medical instruments, endoscopes and other equipment when applied immediately following use and in advance of scheduled reprocessing. Rinse thoroughly before moving onto automated reprocessing OR alternatively skip the manual rinse and proceed to automated reprocessing within the washer disinfector by adding two rinse steps to the cycle.

Please follow manufacturers recommendations for the reprocessing of medical devices according to EN ISO 17664.


750ml Trigger Spray


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