Amity PAA Neutraliser


Amity PAA Neutraliser

Amity PAA Neutraliser is a neutralising agent that enables residual peracetic acid based high level disinfectant concentrate that remains in used containers to be neutralised prior to disposal.
The use of PAA Neutraliser prevents hazardous chemicals from being disposed of into hospital/user plumbing system and subsequently enables the empty disinfectant containers to be recycled and avoids the need for them being disposed of as hazardous waste.



• Reduces exposure to hazardous chemical residues
• Creates a safer environment for staff by eliminating any remaining chemical
• Minimises the adverse environmental impact of chemical disinfectants in waste streams
• Reduces hazardous waste and associated costs
• Empty Amity PAA and Amity PAA Neutraliser bottles can be sent for recycling
• Reduces domestic waste to landfill and increasing waste recycling to meet national targets
• Reduces the spend on waste disposal allowing more money to be spent on direct patient care


24 x 50ml


 File NameSizeModified
Amity-PAA-Neutraliser-new-eu-V2.2-July-22.pdf275.2 KB08/06/2023
Amity-PAA-Neutraliser-INF-V3.1-Jun-23.pdf205.0 KB13/06/2023


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