Amity PAA 5 System

Amity PAA 5 System Part A 5L & Part B 5L

Amity PAA 5 System

Peracetic Acid based High Level Disinfectant for Flexible Endoscopes & Medical Devices.

Amity PAA 5 is a powerful peracetic acid based sporicidal high level disinfectant (HLD) concentrate for use in Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AERs) and other automated decontamination systems. It is an acidic disinfection concentrate for flexible endoscopes and medical devices.

Amity PAA 5 Solutions A and B are combined to produce a single use solution for Sporicidal HLD of flexible endoscopes with Peracetic Acid.

Amity PAA 5 System, comprising Part A and Part B, is registered as a Class IIB Medical Device



• Active ingredient: Peracetic Acid (PAA)
• PAA concentration: 1,000 – 1,200 ppm
• Minimum Effective Concentration (MEC): 850 ppm
• Reuse Period: Single use
• HLD claim: 5 minutes at 30C
• Dilution Required: 1:1 to 48 water
• No Activator Required
• Contains Corrosion Inhibitors
• Tested to EN 14885 for disinfectant properties
• Tested to EN 15883-4


Amity PAA 5 Solutions A and B and B(V) are available in the following packaging:

4 x 5 L box


 File NameSizeModified
Amity-PAA-5-System-Part-A-new-eu-V4.2-July-22.pdf294.0 KB08/06/2023
Amity-PAA-5-System-Part-B-new-eu-V2.2-July-22.pdf255.9 KB08/06/2023
Amity-PAA-5-System-Part-B-v-new-eu-V2.2-July-22.pdf266.4 KB08/06/2023
Amity-PAA-5-System-INF-V4.3-Jun-23.pdf241.2 KB13/06/2023
Amity-PAA5-System-2021.pdf374.8 KB13/06/2023


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