Virudet Super Concentrate


Virudet Super Concentrate

Virudet Super Concentrate is a powerful alkaline detergent cleaner that is specially designed for ultrasonic and automated decontamination of medical devices such as surgical instruments, anaesthetic and breathing utensils, MIS instruments, and OR shoes.

Virudet Super Concentrate is a highly effective and safe process for the cleaning against a wide range of protein and organic contaminants from surfaces, including dried on blood and tissue.

Virudet Super Concentrate is registered as a Class I medical Device.

It is safe to use on any surface (including aluminium) and has an effective cleaning action in ultrasonic and automated washer/cleaning equipment.



Primary features attributable to Virudet Super Concentrate are:

  • Powerful super concentrated alkaline detergent cleaner suitable for removal of contaminants from sensitive instrument materials ;
  • Uses a blend of alkalis, complexing and sequestering agents, detergents and corrosion inhibitors that are effective even in hard water areas;
  • Has added health and environmental safety – NTA and EDTA free:
  • Reduced instrument damage and repair:
    • Reduced product consumption;
    • Reduced carbon footprint;
    • Aluminium safe;
    • Excellent material compatibility;
    • Non-fixative;
    • Non-corrosive.
  • Cost effective
    • Improved staff productivity, more flexible;
    • Uses tap water (no need for deionised/distilled/reverse osmosis water supply);
    • Can be used without the need for neutralisation;
    • High cleaning power at low dosage levels;
    • Reduced wash time - typical 5 minutes.


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