pre-gel actionA Long Lasting Gel Based Pre-Soak Cleaner for Endoscopes & Medical Equipment

PreGel is a neutral, detergent gel for use as a pre-soak cleaner. It is specifically formulated to apply to medical devices, instruments and equipment as a stable long lasting gel that immediately commences to break down blood and bio-burden contaminants. The gel prevents the contaminants from drying out on the devices thus improving the effectiveness of the subsequent cleaning, speeds up the overall cleaning process, prevents the formation of bio-film and has the added benefit of helping to protect the devices from mechanical damage that could be incurred during transit between the operation theatre/clinic and the device reprocessing area.

Its formulation is effective on all types of protein and organic material and is suitable for use with surgical and endoscopic equipment and components, laryngoscopes, biopsy forceps, haemostats, etc.

PreGel is registered as a Class I medical Device



Primary features attributable to PreGel are:

  • Is suitable for application to proteinaceous and organic contaminants from sensitive instrument materials;
  • Prevents blood, debris and body fluids from drying on instruments and medical devices;
  • Helps prevent mechanical damage of devices during transit;
  • Environmentally friendly and Free-rinsing;
  • pH neutral;
  • Increased speed and efficiency:
  • Improves device cleaning process;
  • Decreases turn round time;


 File NameSizeModified
Pre-Gel-new-eu-V2.0-Nov-22.pdf283.8 KB06/06/2023
Pre-Gel-2021.pdf357.5 KB13/06/2023
PreGel-INF-V4.2-Feb-24.pdf183.9 KB07/03/2024


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