Virudet BPW – Bed Pan Washer


Virudet BPW – Bed Pan Washer

A powerful blend of organic acids, surfactants and corrosion inhibitors that is designed for clear rinsing and to prevent the formation of water hardness deposits in bed-pan washers.

Virudet BPW will speed up the drying phase through the improvement of the free drainage of water by reducing the surface tension on bed-pans, thus preventing the formation of water drying marks/spots and giving a clean, shiny appearance.

In bed-pan washers with a steam generator Virudet BPW will also prevent the deposition of lime and thus maintaining efficiency of the washer equipment and reducing operational costs.



Primary features attributable to Virudet BPW are:

  1. Powerful acidic rinsing aid;
  2. Aids the prevention of water deposits on parts and washer equipment.
  3. Prevents the build up of water scale in automated washer equipment;
  4. Reduces equipment damage and loss of efficiency.


 File NameSizeModified
Virudet-BPW-new-eu-V2.0-Nov-22.pdf265.7 KB08/06/2023
Virudet-BPW-INF-V4.2-Jun-23.pdf221.7 KB13/06/2023
Virudet-BPW-2021.pdf474.9 KB13/06/2023


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