Virusan Gel


Virusan Gel

Virusan Gel is an effective disinfectant against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Virusan Gel is a theatre grade alcohol based hand sanitizer/cleaner that is specially formulated as a gel for use in medical, healthcare and veterinary applications.

The formulation, containing Chlorhexidine Digluconate, a broad-spectrum antimicrobial that is highly effective as a disinfectant and terminal sanitizer. The product is designed to eliminate the risk of cross-infection from hand transfer of viruses, fungi and bacteria.



 File NameSizeModified
Virusan-Gel.pdf379.7 KB25/06/2020
Virusan-Gel-INF-V4.0-Apr-20.pdf79.9 KB25/06/2020
Virusan-Gel-row-V5.0-Apr-20.pdf180.9 KB25/06/2020


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