Powerwash BPC

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Powerwash BPC

Powerwash BPC is a highly concentrated aqueous blend based on alkaline salts, corrosion inhibitors, surface-active agents and sequestrants.

It is specially formulated to provide a non-caustic based powerful cleaning action to deal with grease, oil and grime deposits as well as the heaviest of industrial soils with a combined sanitizing action.

Powerwash BPC is highly suited for use within the food and related food handling industries for the removal of fats, oils and animal waste soiling.

The cleaner is highly dilutable, non-tainting and economical in use and is extremely versatile being suitable for high pressure washing, foaming, dip tank usage or mop and bucket application.



 File NameSizeModified
BPC-Powerwash-INF-V3-Dec-18.pdf74.2 KB25/06/2020
BPC-Powerwash-row-V3.2-Apr-19.pdf209.3 KB25/06/2020


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