Bactericidal HSC

Bactericidal HSC

Bactericidal HSC

Bactericidal HSC is a bactericidal hard surface cleaner for use in food preparation and food handling industries. It is a unique blend of detergents, surfactants, saponifiers and bactericides designed to clean all surfaces and protect against cross-infection.

Bactericidal HSC safely and easily removes grease, grime, tobacco stains, dried blood and food residues from hard surfaces.

It will also be effective on moulds and fungi, and has been used in the transport industry to remove traffic films, oils, grime, rubber marks, etc. from cabs, paintwork, etc.

Bactericidal HSC is highly dilutable, non-tainting and economical in use.



 File NameSizeModified
Bactericidal-HSC-INF-V3-Dec-18.pdf74.5 KB25/06/2020
Bactericidal-HSC-row-V3.2-Apr-19.pdf190.0 KB25/06/2020


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