Single Use Body Fluid Spillage Kit

spill kit

Single Use Body Fluid Spillage Kit

For ambulances, hospital wards, departments, laboratories, clinics, doctors surgeries, pharmacies and nursing homes a sudden and unexpected spillage of blood or any other body fluid, is both distressing and potentially dangerous.

By using a Spills Kit the hazard can be dealt with quickly, efficiently and above all safely. Our Biohazard Spill Kits are designed to enable staff in many walks of life to conform to the recommendations of the Department of Health for the safe collection and disposal of blood and blood-stained body fluid spills.


Instructions of Use

1- Put on gloves, mask and apron
2- Spray Virusolve+ onto spillage and leave for 2 minutes.
3- Pour sachet of Virugel onto affected area, ensure complete coverage. Leave for 2 minutes
4- Scrape debris into yellow bag using the scoops provided.
5- Spray surface with remaining Virusolve+ and wait 2 minutes.
6- Wipe surface clean and dispose of all products & packaging into yellow bag
7- Wipe hands using the alcohol free hand wipe, place this in Yellow bag and dispose of as per your health & safety guidelines.




 File NameSizeModified
Single-Use-Body-Fluid-Spillage-Kit-Brochure.pdf1.5 MB13/09/2019
ViruGel-INF-V4.0-Apr-20.pdf77.7 KB25/06/2020
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Virusolve-RTU-row-V3.2-Apr-19-1.pdf175.0 KB25/06/2020


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