Amsolv F5


Amsolv F5

Amsolv F5 is the trade name for a highly refined azeotropic blend of non-aromatic, halogen substituted hydrocarbon-based solvents including HFE-347 and HFE-7100. The product has been specifically developed to replace those critical cleaning and vapour degreasing solvents and high purity carrier solvents that are becoming non-viable due to environmental or human health risks.

Amsolv F5 solvent is non-flammable and possesses a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP). It is an ideal choice of substitute for chlorinated and/or brominated products where environmental issues and operator health concerns impact on operational requirements.



Non-flammable (no flash point);

Very easy to use and maintain. The product has a low boiling point, is extremely stable and does not require monitoring for pH, Alkalinity or Acid Acceptance Values.

Can be used in conventional top-loading vapour degreasing equipment,

Fast drying;

Leaves no residue;

Good solvency power, excellent cleaning performance;

Low surface tension, good wettability properties

Safe on wide range of metals and plastics;

Can be recovered by distillation;

Slight odour;

Improved health, safety and environmental performance (CFC free), Low toxicity, not carcinogenic or mutagenic, no F-gas issues;


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