Maintenance Engineering


Zinc Galvanising Spray

Zinc Galvanizing Spray is a blend of zinc and aluminium rich coating materials in compatible primer resins and rheology modifiers… Read more


WW22 is a blend of detergents, surface-active agents and a wax shine additive that is designed to remove the heaviest… Read more


Toxfree a family of established, high refined, non-aromatic hydrocarbon based solvents that have been specially developed to replace those cold… Read more


TCI is a blend of polycarboxylic acid and triazole salts that is designed to provide a protective coating for ferrous… Read more

Synthetic Cutting Fluid

Synthetic Cutting Fluid is a fully synthetic cutting fluid made from a blend of polyglycol lubricity agents and corrosion inhibitors… Read more


A unique blend of lubricants penetrants and waxes designed to lubricate, penetrate and protect all metal, electrical and electronic components… Read more

Super 8 XLF

A hard surface cleaners based on a sophisticated blend of detergents, surfactants, saponifiers and penetrants designed to clean all surfaces… Read more


An aqueous, phosphate based, steam-cleaning compound designed for use on all substrates and suitable for removal of heavy soils without… Read more

Sprayclean HNC

A medium alkalinity blend of phosphates with non-ionic surfactants, organic chelating agents and including corrosion inhibitors to give a superior,… Read more