Instrument & Endoscopic Decontamination


Amzyme 3

Amzyme 3 is for use in washer/disinfectors, AER (Automated Endoscope Reprocessor) and other automated decontamination systems. Amzyme 3 is a… Read more


Amity PAA RTU is a Peracetic Acid based High Level Disinfection (HLD) Fluid for Medical Devices & Instruments. Amity PAA RTU… Read more

Virudet N Manual

Manual cleaning of flexible & rigid endoscopes, medical devices, surgical and dental instruments.


A Long Lasting Foam Based Pre-Soak Cleaner for Endoscopes & Medical Equipment PreFoam is a neutral, detergent foam for use as a pre-soak… Read more


Medlube is a family of highly refined pharmaceutical grade lubricants that are suitable for use in medical sector (CSSD), industrial… Read more


A Long Lasting Gel Based Pre-Soak Cleaner for Endoscopes & Medical Equipment

Viruzyme PCD

A Protolytic Triple-Enzyme based Biological Cleaner and High Level Disinfectant for Medical Equipment and Endoscope cleaning applications using soak and… Read more

Viruzyme N

Viruzyme N formulation is a highly effective and safe process for the cleaning of endoscopes, medical, dental and delicate instruments… Read more