Aqueous Cleaning



Viruclenze is a new, innovative and patented liquid cleaning and disinfecting compound that has been specially formulated using non-toxic environmentally… Read more


Truckwash is a blend of alkali cleaners, detergents and surface-active agents this is designed to remove the heaviest traffic film… Read more


A high alkalinity cleaner designed for use on ferrous substrates in immersion applications at between 40°C and 80°C. The cleaner… Read more


A superior blend of complexing, sequestrating and surface active agents together with special corrosion inhibitors to give a superior, low-foaming,… Read more

Odour Neutraliser

Odour Neutraliser is a blend of non-hazardous emulsifying surfactants, neutralising salts and preservative that is used to bind with odours… Read more

Metalguard 417

Metalgard 417 is a medium alkalinity, non-silicate containing alkaline cleaning compound that is formulated for use by spray application and… Read more

Metalguard 414

Metalgard 414 is a blend of surface-active agents and corrosion inhibitors formulated for use in spray washing machines for the… Read more

Metalguard 400

Metalgard 400 is a blend of alkali builders, surface-active agents and corrosion inhibitors formulated for use in both spray and… Read more


A concentrated aqueous blend based on alkaline salts, surface-active agents and sequestrants. It is formulated to give long lasting foam… Read more