Welcome to Amity, Trade providers of Disinfectant Wipes, Hospital disinfectant, Antiseptics, Surface Cleaners, Antibacterial Wipes & Cleaning Chemicals.

Amity is a speciality chemical manufacturer located in the United Kingdom and the USA with an excellent reputation for product innovation in the healthcare, food and industrial sectors. In recent years, Amity has focused on the development of alternative products purpose designed to overcome the environmental and safety restrictions which now confront the old ‘traditional’ products.

Amity International is a manufacturer of Disinfectantion Wipes, Hospital Disinfectant, Antiseptics, Surface Cleaners, Antibacterial Wipes, Solvent Cleaners, Aqueous Cleaners & Semi-Aqueous Cleaning Chemicals.

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Quality through partnership.

Our company motto is, ‘quality through partnership,’ partnership with suppliers, regulatory authorities, environmental scientists and customers guaranteeing the best materials, advice and service.

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